West Shore Market is now offering specialty cakes!


Our custom specialty cakes are one of a kind, each one reflecting our client’s personal and unique style.  Each cake is an individually commissioned edible artwork, not just cake!  With this in mind we will not replicate a specific cake, but we can certainly use it as inspiration.  Your cake can take days to finish to perfection so please understand that orders need to be placed within 2 weeks of your special occasion..  Specialty cakes can be very time consuming therefore we can only produce a limited amount of orders each month, so book soon! 




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About Toniann:

My name is Toniann Morabito.  Cake decorating for me is the best of both worlds, food and art. I grew up in upstate New York in my parents Italian Restaurant and Cafe where I was buttering toast and serving coffee at the age of five. The art of food holds a special place in my heart.  My dad was an amazing chef and my mom isn't half bad either…  So I had to find a way to combine food and my love of art, cake seemed like the best way to do that.  When I discovered that food coloring mixed with alcohol acts a lot like watercolor, my medium of choice in the art world, I was set on making it part of my cake decorating style. My best friend and I started a little business out of my house in high school selling cakes to friends and family and continued to do it through college.  After studying art at a 2 year college in Hudson, NY my fiance and I moved to Richmond, Vermont, close enough but far enough from the “city” of Burlington. There I got my first official cake decorating job at Sweet Simone’s, where I felt right at home. Here is where I had an opportunity to develop my own unique decorating style.  After living in and falling in love with the green mountains my fiance and I yearned for a new adventure and ended up in Tahoe!  We have a thing for small mountain towns with big adventure. When I’m not in the kitchen creating spectacular specialty cakes you can find me in the woods with my dog, painting on the beach, or snowboarding.